Vo Thi Nhu Mai

Goodbye lovely Autumn


October is coming to an end
My soul dazed with longing
Only a peaceful day left
To be with you, lovely autumn

The night is getting short
The day is far too busy
No hand to hold tight
No bright golden sunlight

October is about to leave me
Autumn sky has things to say
Autumn scent seems inviting
Autumn soul dangling my heart

Lovely autumn has nearly passed
Taking with it gold leaves
It’s such a gentle breeze
I’m a grain of sand in life

Then autumn really fades
Saying its last goodbye
To the afternoon love words
And disappears on earth


Original: Tiễn em mùa Thu ơi...! by Lâm Băng Phương
English version by vo thi nhu mai


Direct link: https://caidinh.com/Archiefpagina/Poezie/goodbyelovelyautumn.html

Cái Đình - 2023